Girl Cops single

by Prussia

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released January 28, 2012

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Zach Shipps.
Artwork by Shawn Knight at



all rights reserved


Prussia Detroit, Michigan

After the breakup of Prussia, Ryan and Adam went on to start Jamaican Queens.

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Track Name: Girl Cops
If you've got new fans
And new friends
Then teach me how to drive
A girl cop fucked me off
And wrote me up
That’s when I go to court
So show me you’re human
And fix my tickets nice
She’s got my checkbook down

I heard you’ve been around
It’s no match
It keeps you there
And winter is over
You’re in bloom
You’re summer, too
When acting alive you could be dead
But so alive
That’s what he said

And college
Sexy boys
It’s been a long time since we’ve felt fine
I’m not shown through
And not for you
I meet your dad
So that we can be friends
When actresses
Know your first name
And you can afford
There’ll still be gray skies

What you’ve been told
It’s good for your soul
Track Name: Annie
Give me shelter
I would do the same for you
I can dress you up with them
I need strangers
Sometimes I just run and hide
Sometimes I just lose my cool
It gets better
It could be a whole lot worse
Tell me that you like my hair

Take your coat off
You can stay a little while
You can stay over all night
I don’t mind, dear
We could have a bit of fun
We could sell shit in the streets
Please stop coughing
I just laughed my nose right off
As you made my face all numb

You were melting
Go all the way almost
And please stop coughing
Just settle down and…

Annie could you love me
Sweetheart can you hear me
Are you even listening?

I don’t sleep well
I just stay awake all night
Worrying about my friends
In her photos
Then she’s stripping off her mask
‘Cause she’s easily attached
I fell backwards
Then I lost my appetite
About the time I met you there
Let me love her
I could use a life like that
I could spend less time on pills