Poor English, Pt. 1

by Prussia

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This is the first part of Prussia's three-part album, Poor English.


released August 16, 2011

All songs by Spencer/Bober/Pressley/Remdenok/Spencer.
Produced by Josh Epstein.
Engineered by Miko Mader.
Mastered by Alan Douches.
Artwork by Justin Ames.

Prussia is:
Ryan Spencer
Brenton Bober
Kasey Press
Adam Pressley
Drew Spencer



all rights reserved


Prussia Detroit, Michigan

After the breakup of Prussia, Ryan and Adam went on to start Jamaican Queens. jamaicanqueens.com

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Track Name: Sheep Hunt
i got off my bike i'll stretch my limbs
don't care about me or about him
sunday came so slow i'll take you out again

we ate out twice
i sat downstairs
they were so nice to us
i didn't care at all

picture all the things i did to you
every time we'd hang out in your room
we'll forget the gore and gloom and honey i'll call you soon

you're home
that's why you split
i was just freeloading
you didn't care at all

i like your voice
and i like your arms as well
so many rings

i tried to convince you to go swimming with me
what a poor choice

i always submit it's in your legs
your parents should know
i always commmit it's in poor taste
your parents should know

who put hateful words inside my head?
who are all these faggots in my bed?
the trigger in your dresser's for protecting this and that

she said my nerve
i miss that most
i made a choice
i'll shave my head for you

i like your voice
and i like your arms as well
so many rings

it's a sheep hunt
i proved that twice
it's a sheep hunt
Track Name: Sister
i've been crying
in vowels
since the wind took my baby
and my continent away from me

i've been trying
to honor them
still the earth just won't show me an
ounce of generosity

still you're hiding
your true feelings
light a match, dear
light my candle

it will say your name
on my necklace, babe
i'm a lot like you
don't let them turn you over

stupid love
you were silly and useless and carefree once
bashful love

stupid love
i can say that i don't need you
pray that you don't need me
hope that you just fall apart

i've been cynical
it gets much worse
i'm not worried about you
i'm worried about me

you could date me
mutilate me
listen sister
please believe me
and i love you
yes i love you
may the wind
blow you home
Track Name: Mediator
i always mediate
for you fucking infants
it's appropriate
shut your fat mouth
forget your good clout
and beware

it made me nervous so i ran so fast
it's unbelievable that i was cast
out like the devil
i was straight when i met you
now i just don't know

it's not a charm you believe that that's true
and i will not be fooled
there ain't no harm in believing i'm cruel
but i will not be fooled

don't you investigate
i've been feeling this way
it's inappropriate
slap me baby
oh how you want me
and beware
i never cared so

don't go back to the old residence
all of them living there talk such shit
all of them living there claim to have fucked in your bed
don't go back to the old residence

i wrote this letter with my left hand bound
and i flew to see you when it made sense
Track Name: Bleeder
you bit my lip and i did
what any common man with sense would do
i bled on you

i lost my job i did
and each and all my mother's friends are whores

i hit my shin that last step
is farther than my eyes believe it is
i bled on you

your skinny tits and broken ribs
i don't think i'm gonna cum

i know he can love you more than i
(i always complained about your ego)
did we go breaking and entering?

of all of the things that i've done to you
that i could
i live with the fruit of infinity
go rented
your mother's impressed with my manners she
knows you well
the trucks that you drive to detroit for him
make sense dear
huffing amyl nitrite for side effect
oh grow up
mature babe but only a little bit
like pregnant punks
i put up with all of the college types
they're showing off
get it away
we get away

i bled on you